Monday, October 20, 2008

Making Wire Wrap Jewelry

By: John William

Wire wrapped jewelry is one of the oldest forms of handmade jewelry. Many people don't know how to make wire wrapped jewelry because; many of the tutorials found online are incomplete. There are various techniques on how to wire wrap jewelry. Wire wrapping requires jewelry wire as well as "findings" that are similar to wire to make the components. These wire components are then later connected to each other using various mechanical techniques, solder or heating the wire is not required. In most cases the wire is bent into a loop or a beautiful shape.

Forms of wire wrapped jewelry have been found dating thousands of years BC. Many of these early forms of jewelry can be seen in the British Museum, and date back to the Sumerian Dynasty, which was discovered in the cemetery of Ur, those early forms of wire wrapped jewelry are made from spiraled wire components, that date back to around 2000 BC. Making wire wrapped jewelry was a prized art in ancient Rome, This can be seen from ancient samples of wire wrapped loops that were discovered from ancient Roman sites. The ancient Roman jewelry dates back around 2000 years. This ancient technique didn't require soldering, since most of the jewelry was made at home using simple equipment. Soldering was only developed a few hundred years later, but even then wire wrapping was considered to be more cost effective and quick.

Making wire wrapped jewelry only requires a few but mandatory tools. A good pair of flush cutters as well as nose pliers would be required to cut and bend the various thicknesses of wires that you use. A flush pliers is important as it leaves the cut off end of the wire flush, while at the same time keeping the other end of the wire pointed and sharp. Round nose pliers are important as they are good for making loops with. Their flat smooth jaws make holding and gripping wire easy.

The ancient art of making wire wrap jewelry is back in fashion. Knowing how to make your own wire wrapped jewelry is a great way to unleash your creative abilities.

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