Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Handcrafted Bridal Jewelry

Even as a small girl, you’ve probably dreamed of your own fairytale wedding. Now you are a woman and you finally found your prince Charming, it is time to make this fairytale wedding a reality. Beside the dress, the cake and the venue, there is probably a further aspect that you become approximately excited - you’re Bridal Jewelry! Finally, since you’ve dreamed about this fairytale wedding, you must have pictured an excellent tiara on your head, a delicate bracelet on your wrist along with elegant earrings.

However, before you go rushing to a store why don’t you consider, buying handmade bridal jewelry? It is your BIG day. Don’t you deserve to have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that no other bride has or will ever have?

With all jewelry out there, why shouldn’t you go for handcrafted pieces?

First of all, the feeling of having handcrafted jewelry for your special day will be like no other. These pieces have unique and intricate designs that will definitely make you sparkle. In fact, handcrafted pieces of Jewelry are so chic, even Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore prefer them. When you walk down the aisle, expect people to gasp. They may be elaborate or they may be simple but one thing is for certain. They will keep everyone's eyes on you.

Secondly, you should consider handmade jewelry because these pieces are meticulously created. If you look hard, you will be able to find pieces that date back centuries ago. Forged by craftsmen and Jewelers of the past, these wonderful pieces have the level of the artistry and the workmanship which cannot be found in the mass-produced pieces of the jewelry manufactured today. On the best and luckiest day of your life – your wedding - you want to your body to be adorned by only the best jewelry. Handcrafted bridal jewelry can give you that extra touch and feeling of sophistication.

Thirdly and possibly the most important, handmade jewelry will reflect your taste and personality. You will be able to choose unique designs that will allow you to express your personality and feelings about the day. Your bridal Jewelry will match the decor of your dress, your cake and even your reception. If you're an adventurous type, you can select pieces that use colored stones and various metals. This way, your dress still appears classic but your accessories give you a modern and playful look. However, if you're a traditional bride, your Jewelry can focus on pristine materials like pearls that are intricately laced together.

At the end of the day, handcrafted bridal Jewelry is meant to give you that feeling of being special: your Jewelry matches your personality perfectly. Skilled hands devoted hours and hours into making that piece especially for you. More importantly, it's about knowing that no other bride will have that Jewelry. It's only yours, just for your own fairytale wedding!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

Jewelry is pretty easy to find. Jewelry made of plain gold, silver, or platinum as well as jewelry with precious gemstones like sapphires or diamonds can be easily found at any jewelry store in your neighborhood or in the internet. Jewelry has become very popular that the average gift shop always includes them in their gift selections, too.

Special and Appropriate Jewelry
Jewelry is also chosen as a gift in most instances because they mark very special occasions like engagement and anniversaries. Jewelry pieces are precious and expensive items. This basically implies that they are only given to the most precious people in your life. Plus, jewelry is something that the receiver could usually show off. Since jewelry is also intentionally or unintentionally used as a status symbol rather than just a mere fashion accessory, it is very common for people - especially women - to want jewelry as a gift.

Jewelry: Gifts that Last
The perfect gift is jewelry because of its longevity. Unlike gifts of food, clothes, flowers, and other stuff that only last for days, weeks, or a few years, jewelry sometimes lasts for generations. Because of this a lot of people who wants a memorable and long-lasting gift will not go wrong with giving jewelry.

Jewelry makes the perfect gift for a lot of reasons, the primary reason being that most recipients like receiving jewelry for gifts. Whatever the reason and whatever the occasion, whoever your intended recipient is and no matter his or her tastes, jewelry will always make the perfect gift.

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A Great Place for Silver Jewelry

If you are looking for a great place to find unique handmade silver jewelry, you should check out the collection of Silver Eden.

"Ethnic handmade silver jewelry exclusively crafted by the Thai Hilltribe Artisans. An original collection of handmade jewelry. Each piece is individually handcrafted. Limited Edition pieces are clearly marked and are ideal for gifts. All other pieces are available in larger quantities, or wholesale supply. Cloisonne, bracelets, chokers, earrings, designer necklaces, bangles and sets."

Their jewelry is priced pretty well and it is all unique. Remember the holidays are right around the corner..check it out!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jewelry Design

I thought this was an interesting video for those who are a jewelry designer

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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Gem by Any Other Name

Written by A Beaded Affair

With profound apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, the title of my post plays on the famous line, "a rose by any other name".

Juliet says to Romeo, because their families hate each other, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet". Oh, how I wish that were true for the incredible Russian Chrome Diopside. My pictures can't begin to do justice to this incredible gem.
Gem quality chrome diopside could make emeralds weep and green tourmaline envious. It's deep rich kelly green in color with luster and brilliance to rival Tsavorite Garnet. But this poor gem shall probably never achieve the notoriety of any of the other green gems with a name like ....Chrome Diopside...no savy, no panache, no savoir faire. So sad for a gem which should be able to rival the best of them.

And the poor little gem, and I do mean little, since it's colored with chromium which inhibits growth, is rarely found in large sizes, suffers from, another problem. Mother Nature decided to hide this beauty in Russia.....Siberia in fact. Mining can only take place 6 months out of the year. The rest of the time it is buried beneath snow and ice in the perma frost. So, sadly, there is only a small amount of rough mined each year.
Doomed to a life of obscurity, buried in the ice, this gemstone is not well known and that has kept the price down. Of course that makes me happy since I intend to buy a lot of Russian Chrome Diopside.

Watch for faceted Chrome Diopside pendants coming soon to my store, A Beaded Affair , in sterling silver or custom order one in gold. This stone is worthy of it.